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Colors of Copper Fine Art  and Wine Tasting Event

Come join us for the 8th annual fine arts and wine tasting gala event on November 6th & 7th, hosted by the Art Depot in Clifton, AZ.

Enjoy the local color and vibrance of our artists and the surrounding community while  tasting exquisite fine wines provided by the award winning wineries of Sonoita Vineyards and Zapara

Red Wine

Artist Prospectus


Colors of Copper Fine Arts and Wine Tasting Gala, is a Juried Exhibition November 6, 2021 from noon to 8 p.m. and

Sunday November 7th, 2021 from noon to 6 p.m.


Our new location for the exhibition is at the Clifton Train Station, 100 N. Coronado In Clifton, AZ.

Work Media: sculpture (fine art metals ceramics,woods, fabrics, and mixed media), paintings, drawings, prints and photography.


Craft arts, decorative arts, and functional arts will not be accepted into the Colors of Copper show in 2021 as we are working towards expanding our scope and providing a separate hand-made craft event paired with craft beers. Dates to be announced.

Work Size: [No larger than 6’X6’ for 2D, 100 lbs. Max. for 3D].


  1. Fill out an application at: (there is a $30 non-refundable application fee for up to 3 entries plus $10 for each additional entry).

  2. All artwork must be original and made within the last three years.

  3. Artwork must be ready for display including any special hardware requirements.

  4. All artwork must be for sale and remain on display throughout the event.

  5. All artwork must be labeled with the title and the name of the artist on the back of the work for gallery identification purposes. Colors of Copper will provide art labels seen by the public. Please do not include any supplementary media, text, or placards.

  6. Artwork must contain some aspect of copper in color, concept, material, or other quality.

  7. All artists are encouraged to attend the event if at all possible. Please inquire with an attendant for an artist name-tag to help the public identify and more easily engage with the artists. All artists may feel free to "self-promote" and assist in sales and event promotion.



Saturday October 2nd, 2021 - Application and fee deadline.

Selected applicants will be notified by email or post by Saturday 16th, 2021.

Sunday October 24th, 2021- All artwork must be delivered to the gallery 100 N. Coronado Blvd. (Clifton Train Depot).

Saturday, November 6, 2021- Prizes awarded to winning artists @ 5pm.

Please arrange to retrieve any unsold artwork by November 30, 2021

Selection Process: All accepted artists will receive a notification via email or by mail by Monday September 27th. Acceptance of artwork is subject to meeting Color of Copper criteria.

Delivery: Entries can be shipped to: “Clifton Train Station” at 100 N. Coronado Blvd., Clifton, AZ. 85533 or personally delivered to “Art Depot” by appointment at 100 N. Coronado Blvd., Clifton, AZ. 85533. If entries are shipped we will attempt to preserve packaging for return, but the artist is responsible for return postage.

Publicity: Submitted images and/or artists' statements may be used for purposes of publicity/marketing.

Sales: There is a 30% gallery commission so please carefully consider your pricing. Sales will be collected by the gallery and disbursed in person or by mail.

Contact: Please contact Jon Stacy phone: (928) 865-2806 or email: For shipping instructions please contact Barbara Ahmann: (928) 865-2085.