Barbara Ahmann

Barbara earned her B. A. Degree in Art & Humanities from the University of California. She has taught pottery, sculpture, and painting for Eastern AZ College. Barbara had the rare opportunity of teaching art in the Middle East. Upon returning home in 2010, Barbara originated the art competition and wine tasting “Colors of Copper”.

She has also spent 8 years on the Town of Clifton City Council and is a board member on the Gila Valley Art Council.

She has spent her life advocating for the arts.


Barbara Reyes

Barbara is an awesome person


Sally Campbell

Sally is an awesome person too


Erin Spears

Erin is incredible, and you'll learn more about her once she gets me her bio info


Pamela Harrington

Pamela has a passion for the creative arts including music, art, photography,  drama and dance.

She graduated Eastern Arizona College with a degree in Music and Small Business Management, and Arizona State University with a degree in Sociology.

She is currently a musician,  aspiring illustrator and writer., and mother of several wonderful children